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Until I have photos, recapping the wedding feels a little pointless, but photos will come soon.

In the meantime, I will tell you these things . . . .
  • My dress was awesome.
  • My shoes were even more awesome.
  • My bridesmaids looked ridiculously hot.
  • Todd made an amazing cake topper for us out of modeling chocolate.
  • After remaining calm, cool, and collected leading up to the wedding, I sobbed all the way through the vows.
  • I'm pretty sure my wedding planner has superpowers.
  • Between the red lighting in the reception and the fantastic swing band, I felt at one moment like I was in a jazz club for supervillains.
  • My flower girl traded Labyrinth quips with my male bridesmaid.
  • My dog was the best ring bearer ever.

I am beyond happy and still glowing.  Thanks a gazillion to all involved.

 I've invited seventy-eight people to my wedding.  Eight have RSVP'd.  The deadline I set for this is Friday.


I'm actually pretty good about returning RSVP cards, so I'm not even being a hypocrite here when I say, "Okay, seriously?  RUDE.  I best be seeing your response card in my mailbox within the next forty-eight hours or I will punch you in the nuts.  Even if you are a woman."

Don't assume that I JUST KNOW you are coming.  Short of my own parents, I don't.  In the wedding?  I still need you to reply because I don't know if you're bringing a date of any kind.

The food for the wedding is coming in just under a hundred bucks a head and the caterers might like to know how many people to cook for.  I need to rent linens, so knowing how many tables there will be would be just great.  Todd's making the cake, and would probably appreciate knowing how many people it will need to feed.



. . . gotta run . . .

 With taking a break from derby, I'm having some time for other athletic pursuits and yesterday I remembered how much I love running.  I was on a relay team in the Akron Marathon yesterday with two other rollergirls, one ex-rollergirl, and one random friend of a rollergirl.  My leg of the race was 6.3 miles.  I barely was able to do any practice runs, so I just went out there on race day and had at it.  Know what?  I kept my speed the whole time and managed a thoroughly respectable finish.

There's a five-mile race right near where I live on 10/17, and I'll probably be partaking.  It's almost all off-road, which is my favorite.

Although I have no idea when in my life it will happen, I still have a goal of running the Big Sur Marathon someday.



Sep. 10th, 2009

I'm spread really thin right now between derby, wedding, work, other work, and more work.  I'm sleeping an average of four hours a night.  No insomnia, it's just that four hours is all I have time for.  I probably receive around a hundred emails a day between work and spam and countless IM's from coworkers with problems they feel are urgent.

Tonight at practice, when my captains were telling me what great drive and attendance I have all I could think is that I must be putting up one hell of a facade.  My drive is down around zero and my attendance is good because I know skipping one practice will lead to skipping the next five.  Since around the time I hurt my ankle, my enthusiasm for derby has gone straight to hell.  Every time I got snapped at tonight while scrimmaging for things I wasn't able to do to this or that person's satisfaction, I just sort of nodded and inwardly rolled my eyes where six months ago I would have put up some kind of fight and/or taken it to heart.

Our season ends mid-October, and we take November and December off.  As burnt out as I am right now, I have huge enthusiasm for next season.  We have a lot of great new girls and can finally form a B team so we're not all fighting for spots on one roster.   I'm giving serious thought to taking October off to avoid losing my mind between Todd's new shop opening and the wedding.  I guess the only doubt I have lies in the idea that this is almost like dropping out of high school your senior year.  I mean, it's almost over.  Why not just tough it out? *

Anyhow, that's where I am right now.  Opinions and such are welcome.

*answer:  because I will lose my mind

Aug. 21st, 2009

I recently had a photo shoot for roller derby.  It was a little nostalgic and weird being in a studio and in front of a camera after so long, but I had fun.  The whole idea was something to go along with my derby persona, and mine is that I was raised by cats.

All photos copyright 2009, Media Arts Group Akron, OH.

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Aug. 5th, 2009

Thanks for all the well-wishes.

I'm doing much, much better.  Breathing normal, moving at my normal speed, talking normally, lifting things, and whatnot.  The prednisone had surprisingly few side effects.  It made me an insane, sweaty, drooling mess back in high school.

So, I'm not doing too well.

Sunday night at practice, I had an epic asthma attack. Blacked out momentarily a couple of times. Still having chest pains on Monday. Called the doctor Tuesday. Went Wednesday, at which point my breathing had gotten really shallow and I couldn't speak above a whisper.

Verdict from the doctor: I had a massive allergic reaction to whatever sort of mold and/or cooties that are living in the walls/floor/ceiling at Springfield Lake Roller Rink. Heavily inflamed lungs, one partially collapsed. I fainted at the doctor's office. They put me on a nebulizer to open my lungs back up. I'll be on prednisone the next couple of weeks to take the swelling down.

I'm in a fair amount of pain and my breathing is still really shallow.  Speaking more than a few sentences, lifting anything, or walking more than about twenty paces makes me lose my breath.

I really hope my team can find a new practice space soon as this one seems to want me to die.
 To shake up my workout routine a bit and make myself a better derby player, I've started doing Crossfit.  It's pretty awesome.  However, some of my . . . ummm . . . assets make certain lifts a little harder for me.  I think I managed to embarrass the trainer this morning.

We were doing squat cleans.  If you don't know what one is, here's a video.  They're a full-body exercise that looks pretty badass.  I was having some trouble pulling the weight right into my chest and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  Poor trainer had to stop me and point out, after having some trouble finding the words, that my huge boobs were getting in the way.  I just busted (no pun intended) out laughing and he turned bright red.

I must say, though, that once I figured out how to work around my chest, I could do a decent squat clean.
 I'd been pretty wound up for a decent while about the alcohol at my wedding.  I didn't want to have any and was thinking that the venue was going to insist on it.  I sent my wedding planner the following email:

Todd and I have been discussing this at length for a few weeks, and
I'd like to know if Park Lane would allow us to NOT serve alcohol at
the wedding?  Here's my reasoning.

1.  For medical reasons, neither of us are able to drink.
2.  My dad is a teetotaler for moral reasons and is seriously
uncomfortable around alcohol.
3.  Todd's parents are strict Southern Baptists and are religiously
opposed to drinking.
4.  One of my bridesmaids is Baha'i and is also religiously opposed to drinking.
5.  Both my older brother and a very good friend of mine are recently
recovered alcoholics and I'd rather not "put them in harm's way."
6.  I have a couple of friends who are, well, active alcoholics and,
love them as much as I do, I'm worried about them overdoing it and
making a scene.

With it being Halloween night and maybe even getting a little cold by
then, we talked about maybe seeing if Marigold can do something like
cocoa or hot cider?


(I also admit I'm not too enthusiastic about shelling out for an open bar that I can't enjoy, and thanks to my years stripping, I'm terribly uncomfortable around drunks.)

 . . . and  . . . SUCCESS!  We shall have a booze-free wedding with lovely mocktails!  I'm more relieved about this than words can say.



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